Turn More Leads into Clients (Within 7 Days)

Join Talia Wolf and Bob Sparkins as they teach you the formula for a 1-week email marketing nurture series that converts more subscribers while providing high value along the way.

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In this training, you'll learn:

  • Create consistent cash flow with a solid email nurture series (and avoid relying on random revenue).
  • Attract better clients & boost your marketing confidence resulting in more referrals from satisfied clients.  
  • The specific elements to include in each email, based on real-world examples.
  • What's really going on in your welcome message, and how to nail it so your new subscribers open every email.
  • What to offer ā€“ and, more importantly, when to offer it ā€” to generate higher revenue and happier clients.
  • The potential of your email marketing platform (whichever one you're using)


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Meet your teachers

Talia Wolf

Talia Wolf

Conversion Optimization Specialist, GetUplift.co

Through speaking, training, and consulting at GetUplift, Talia is the go-to expert for optimizing your marketing funnel. She helps businesses get into your customersā€™ heads using emotional targeting and customer-centricity.

Bob Sparkins Lead Evangelist Leadpages

Bob Sparkins

Lead Evangelist & Business Coach, Leadpages.com

Leadpages customers turn to Bob to teach them how to impact more people online. His "take action, revise later" approach helps you overcome perfectionism and procrastination, while boosting your marketing IQ along the way.